Today it's quite common for out of state production companies to want to travel light. Having to lug around lighting and grip equipment from town to town or even state to state can wear out even the hardiest of crews.

Why not let me do the heavy lifting and let your DP concentrate on getting you the best possible images.

I've been a freelancer working in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island for over 20 years. I can work as a gaffer or a grip.

I have the knowledge and experience to contribute, when asked, and the skill to make it happen.

My cell: 860-529-1877
Email me at:

Here is a link to some of my work

My Day Rates:

Grip @ $350/10 hour day
(no equipment supplied)

Gaffer/Grip @ $700/10 hour day
(all grip equipment is included plus a $200 allotment in lighting gear off my list)

Here is a link to my equipment list



Local to all of Connecticut with other locations doable with mileage fees



My Standard Van Package Includes:

-Incandescent fixtures from 100 to 2000 watt
-HMI instruments from 200 to 1200 watt
-Kino Flo's up to 4 x 4
-Bi Color light panels

-C Stands in 40" & 60" high, w/arms from 20" to 40"
-Light stands including baby, lowboy & jr. roller
-Flags, nets & diffusion from 18" x 24" to 4' x 4'
-8' x 8' Overhead kit: silk, single net, half grid
-Gell rolls: ND's, color correction, diffusion
-Chimera soft boxes in three sizes
-Apple boxes, sand bags, clamps
-20' x 20' "foamy" Green Screen
- Foam Cor & bead board
-Moving/sound blankets

Here is a link to my equipment list


I also own a complete Elemack Spyder Dolly with all the accessories including rubber studio wheels, floating track wheels, 50' of track, a variety of seats, head adapters, walk-around board, wedges, stair blocks & shims. The Elemack is a very adaptable dolly perfect for smaller independent & low budget productions

I am fully insured for business liability.



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