HD Video Production Equipment & Crews

Our location HD video packages stand ready to serve the ENG/EFP
producer needing professional single-camera, film-style HD video
production services in the Connecticut area. Our equipment is
broadcast standard. Our crew is experienced, competent, very friendly
and extremely reliable.

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Booking information:

Our office number, above, is available 24 hours a day. Call anytime for bookings or information.

You can also contact us at


Please note that we are not limited to just our own local area. Many of our shoots take us to the surrounding states of Massachusetts, New York, Rhode Island and beyond and we are always willing to negotiate travel and mileage for an interesting shoot or a project that excites us.

Call us and we'll talk! 

CERT-138 Download

This Connecticut sales tax exemption form is required for video production that is completed within state lines. The form can be filled out online and then saved and emailed to us as a PDF file.


Terms and Conditions:

Full day rates are for a 10-hour day, on location. Overtime after 10 hours
on location is charged at $105.00/hour (2-person) and $67.50/hour (1-person).

Half day rate is for a 5-hour day, on location. Shoot must be completed by
noon or start after 1PM. Shoots which run longer than 5 hours or go past noon
will be charged as a full day.

We work "local to the area" for all of Connecticut. You will have us for the full
5 or 10 hour period.

Mileage is charged at .54/mile (per IRS guidelines) after the first 55 miles.

Overtime and excess travel are additional.

Rates do not include media, hard drives, taxes, tolls, parking or shipping.

Cancellations made less than 48 hours prior to call time are subject to a charge
of 50-100% of the day rate, as follows: 24-48 hours = 50% of the rate, less than
24 hours = 100% of the rate.

TFG shall not be liable for loss of any kind due to negligence, delays or failure
in performance by it or any other agency.

Clients are encouraged to provide an on-site producer. In cases where a field
producer is not on-site and TFG is required to perform these duties, we will
make reasonable effort to interpret written instructions in terms of lighting,
shooting angles, framing, composition, B-roll requirements, etc. However in no
case will failure to adhere to specific guidelines be construed as a reason for
non-payment of work, either partial or in full.

TFG will not knowingly engage in any unlawful act to satisfy the demands of
any producer or assignment, including but not limited to: motor vehicle moving
violations, parking violations, willful disobedience of any law enforcement official,
acts affecting public safety, acts of trespass or acts of deception.

TFG Film & Tape is fully insured for commercial business liability.

If additional personnel are required for the shoot, they will be supplied by TFG
upon request.

Any and all release forms or other documents that need to be signed by the
crew must be provided either before or on the day of the shoot.

Terms are COD unless credit has been established. We accept Master Card,
Visa and American Express.

Invoices are due and payable within 30 days from firms with established
accounts.In the event that payment is not made within the terms of the invoice,
a service charge of 1.5% per month shall be assessed on the unpaid balance
overdue. In the event timely payment is not received for the invoice, the client
shall be liable for all costs of collection, including reasonable attorney's fees,
whether at the trial or appellate level, plus commissions of at least 20%, plus
court costs on all past due balances. Client agrees that venue shall be in
Middlesex County, Connecticut.

Specifications herein are subject to change without notice.

Procurement of TFG's services will indicate your acceptance of and agreement
to all policies, terms and conditions as outlined, above.

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