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Video Production Package

Our location HD video package stands ready to serve the ENG/EFP producer needing professional single-camera, film-style HD video production services in the Connecticut area. Our equipment is broadcast standard. Our DP is experienced, competent, very friendly and extremely reliable.

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Seasoned freelance video shooter

  • Director of Photography
  • Sachtler Video 18 tripod
  • Atomos Samurai ProRes Recorder
  • PC laptop for file transfers
  • Panasonic LH-900 LCD monitor
  • Basic lighting package
  • Basic grip package
  • Batteries & charger
  • Mileage: 55 miles included

    Additional Equipment & Services:

    Gaffer with 1-ton Van Package
    Experienced gaffer available with a fully
    equipped 1-ton lighting & grip package.
    Why not let our gaffer take care of
    the heavy lifting so your D.P. can
    concentrate on making nice pictures.
    Connecticut Gaffer & Grip Services

    Sound recordist w/audio package
    At Ctshooter, we make every part of our
    expertise available to our clients. That
    includes providing the same level of sound
    recording capabilities to outside producers
    we 're used to having for our own shoots.
    If your needs are for an experienced sound
    recordist in the Connecticut area,
    visit this link for more information. 

    12" AC/DC light weight prompter with PC laptop
    running Flip-Q Pro software. Can be tripod or
    stand mounted. Supplied with operator.
    Picture of the prompter with camera

    Doorway Dolly
    Runs on PVC track. Rigged in just minutes, it
    can make a static office or factory shot come
    alive...with just a simple move.

    Elemack Spyder Dolly
    We can supply our Elemack Spyder dolly
    for use with your own film or video camera
    package. It makes for the perfect shooting
    platform for the Red Epic or the Arri Alexa.
    World famous for it's ability to fit in spaces
    where other dollys cannot. Our Elemack can
    be supplied with 100mm or 150mm Euroball
    adapter, 32-wheel sled or floating wheels,
    various seats, walk-around board, 32' of track.
    Elemack Spyders are compact enough
    to act as a tripod but offer true dolly abilities
    when needed.
    You can see some pictures at this link

    Camera Jib Arm 
    Provides for a smooth, floating camera platform
    that lends itself to many unique shooting
    angles. Sits atop the Elemack Spyder dolly
    or can be supplied with it's own heavy duty
    tripod with wheels.

    Kip Ross is a seasoned DP, gaffer and
    also a Steadicam owner/operator.
    The proper mix of professionalism and
    passion. Kip's talents can enhance even the
    most mundane camera shot. He can be
    contacted at KipRoss.com or through us.




    To simply production and help control costs
    all shoots are done with this fine camera:

    JVC GY-LS300 Camera

    JVC GY-LS300 Camera Package:

    Super 35 CMOS full frame sensor
    4512 x 3008 pixels @ 13.5Mp
    1080i | 1080p, 4:2:2, 2K and 4K resolution
    Up to 150Mbps, .MOV recording
    24p, 25p & 30p

    J-Log Gamma | LUT Support

    HD-SDI output for external ProRes recording
    to supplied Atomos Samurai recorder

    Lenses Supplied:

    Tokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm
    Nikkor-S 50mm
    Canon FD 50mm
    Minolta FD 35mm
    Canon EF 35-80mm
    Minolta 135mm

    One man band day rate:




















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